yhst 33892181085979 1963 191662 yhst 33892181085979 1963 212390I know I just posted about being married to this desk, but you know………..I think I want a new one. Yesterday, I was trying to type up homeschooling posts for Mothering Many, and I had the stack of books I was referring to, the one I was writing in, plus the laptop, and things were overlapping, and I was straining to reach stuff, and also publishing with way too many typos. I hate that! I’ve already justified the laptop as something I “needed”, and I am wondering if I could pass off one of these modern desks as a necessary expense. In truth, I like the circular receptionist desk the best, but I am afraid it would be so tall that it would intimidate the kids. Those things intimidate me, LOL!

2 thoughts on “More!

  1. I have to agree with you I like the circular desk the best. Even though it is kind of tall, it just looks cool. If I had one I would definately use it and just think when you want to hide you can get down under it with your laptop!

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