Russian Brides

I was reading some information about a russian brides agency, and it reminded me of a conversation dh and I had several months ago. We were talking about the proliferation of ED ads, and how that seemed to indicate that there were more problems in America’s bedrooms than there used to be. Now, I know that society is more open about things than it used to be, but when statistics point to a 40% rate of dissatisfaction with our sex lives……………well, I don’t think the Creator designed us with a failure rate of 40%. obviously something is going on with that, ykwim?

I posited to dh that perhaps it was women who were causing the majority of ED, and that perhaps it was difficult to be bossed around by a woman all day, and then take the confident sexual lead at night, that effectively women spend all day creating eunuchs and then wonder why they have trouble performing in the bedroom. He agreed with me that I was likely correct. And I made a note of one more thing “women’s lib” has cost us.

Oh, what was it that reminded me of the conversation?

Most Russian brides are looking for a life partner on this site. They prefer to get to know a person before creating a more serious bond or marriage. Russian and Ukrainian brides are different from brides of other countries because marriage is normally their main priority from early age. Even young Russian women strive to create a family first and only afterwards they think about building a career, not visa versa. Dating for most of these women implies marriage and family. Therefore, a relationship with a Russian bride (AKA “mail order brides”) is likely to be different from any affair you have had before. The divorce rate in marriages with Russian women tends to be much lower than with marriages in America, UK and Australia.
Russian brides are famous internationally as the most beautiful women in the world. A typical Russian woman looks like a model. Dating attractive Russian girls is likely to be very different from any local dating experience. Most Russian girls have well-developed family values and instincts. They are intelligent and well-educated. They are also loving, tender and devoted to a relationship.

They are selling the idea that Russian women are everything American women are not. And if they are selling it, someone is buying it.