Ick. Just ick.

I. will. be. so. glad. to . see. fall. ya’ll. It is so hot, and so humid and I am so sweaty. Yuck, and Blech and Ick. It’s sleepy sultry weather and big hair. Like really big and wild hair.

I’ve noticed, though, that the past few nights, I’ve actually wanted to use teh covers. Not a lot, and not all night, but some. The end is in site. Soon I will be laughing at folks who bought Scottsdale real estate to escape the humidity instead of envying them. But not today. Today, while I can hardly breathe, and am beginning to think about investing in gills, it’s not funny one little bit.

4 thoughts on “Ick. Just ick.

  1. While I am looking forward to things cooling down, I’m not looking forward to winter! Here in Utah we usually skip spring and fall. Which is a bummer because those are the best seasons. 🙂

  2. I hear ya. I spend my days with the AC on blast, sitting here in a long t-shirt and undies, and trying to control my hair. I also have 3 fans aimed at me.
    Ick is right.

  3. Fall can’t come soon enough for me, either!

    On a side note, did you know your PPP Direct link isn’t working properly? Just thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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