I had to write a post earlier that struck a nerve. It wasn’t on this blog, though, so just chillax 🙂 I was reminded of my friend Skeet as I typed it. See, Skeet has to color her hair, whether she wants to or not, so people won’t think she can’t do her job. That reminds me of how often we judge others by how they look.

Think about it: if you saw someone purchasing adult diapers, you’d probably make some judgments about them. And some rash decisions about what such a person could and could not do. But your assumptions would change based on what the person looked like, wouldn’t they? What if it was a young vigorous person? I know in that case, I’d be more likely to assume they were being purchased for someone else. If I saw an elderly person buying them, I’d be pretty sure in my own mind that it was a self purchase. And what if the purchaser had on slightly risque clothing and a tad too much jewelry? Those types of inferences aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and aren’t a problem if they stop right there.

But the tendency is to take that bit of information and extrapolate all sorts of stuff from it. Because people who need adult underwear are feebler than others, and unable to fend for themselves, right? And people who buy them to play games most of us find distasteful are nasty, right? And people with grey hair can’t go into crawl spaces, right?

That’s pretty unfair, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Prejudice

  1. Everybody has his/her own life and we shouldn’t care about it as long as he or she meddles with our own life. And everybody have the right to buy what he/she needs even if adult diapers.

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