Can you hear me now?

Nope, not gonna talk about Verizon. Nor am I going to talk about my hearing. Lord knows, I am having enough issues with my eyes that I don’t need to borrow any trouble on the aural front. I am however, going to talk about hearing aids, and what a difference they can make in your life! I’m thinking specifically about Grandmother, and how much easier it was to help her and talk with her when she would have her hearing aids on. And also maybe how long it took us to clue into the fact that she would turn them off when we got on her last nerve, LOL! But my point is that there is no reason to let hearing loss cut you off from those you love. Hearing aids today are small and discreet and the new digital hearing aids are so much more effective than their predecessors. There’s just no reason anymore to be alone in a room full of people.

One more thing. Aidright contributes to breast cancer research. And in case you didn’t know it, I’m a pink thinker.