Why #1

I had a telemarketer call me the other morning at 8:30 AM. Do you know what AM stands for? At Morning. Man, was I steamed. The thing is, I like the company, and what they stand for. But not at 8:30 in the morning. You’d think that since the federal government declared that debt collectors can’t call before 9, then solicitor’s would get a CLUE, and refrain from doing so as well. Perhaps Martin Worldwide can make a new list: consumers who get hacked off if you call before 9! Martin is already the leadinglist broker because of their lists of proven spenders, and this would make a great addition to their line up. Particularly if those lists were merged and cross-referenced.

P.S. Just send the royalties on that to my paypal account.

Why #1: Why do you call here so early at all?

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