Why #6

The other day I casually mentioned getting High School Musical tickets for the girls and myself, thinking they would like to see it. I was in a couple of musicals in school, so I thought it would be a cool movie to see. Singing, dancing, fun, what’s not to like?? Well, apparently something, because the reaction was decidedly negative. Now, I’m left wondering what’s wrong with this movie.

Why #6: Why wouldn’t teens and tweens want to see a movie about singing, dancing teens and tweens?

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One thought on “Why #6

  1. Really?
    OMG, Cassidy would be first in line for HSM tickets! She isn’t quite a tween yet though. Maybe your girls have just outgrown the Disney set? Odd though, because while I consider HSM quite wholesome for Cassidy’s age, she really isn’t the target audience.
    How are they on Hannah Montana and similar Disney stars?

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