Passion? Purpose? Goals! Part 4

We last talked on this subject several days ago, and I think it’s about time to wrap it up, don’t you? I compared goals and planes in part 2, and I’m going to do that today again.

Have you ever been on a flight that was diverted? You think you are going one place, and you end somewhere else entirely through no fault of your own. Maybe the weather was bad, or there was some kind of accident. Whatever the reason, you thought you were going to Maine, and so you packed sweatshirts and jeans, but you find yourself checking out the Orlando real estate, hot, sweaty, and wishing you had on shorts and a T-shirt.

In fact, sometimes where we end up is even a better place for us that where we intended to go. (Being a warm weather type person, I would definitely argue for Florida over Maine, LOL!) Sometimes our goals change, and that’s ok. By remaining flexible, we can achieve more, be more effective, and still maintain our drive and purpose. After all, the plane doesn’t falter when it changes direction, it doesn’t lose momentum, it just applies the power and thrust it already has in a new direction. Don’t be afraid to do that!

Okay, I’m cutting this short. I’ve set some goals totally unrelated to blogging and I need to finish the blogging so I can get to work on those. I’m not quite through yest, so there will be at least one more post in the series, hopefully soon, but we’ll see. In the meantime, I’m using this space to help someone with another goal. If you live in Florida, and you believe the people have the right to express their opinions, feel free to click the banner below.
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