41 Days

Which, interestingly enough is the same number of WIPS I am trying to deal with, LOL! But I digress as usual. However, let me digress once again to say I think that must be a new blogging record. How many people do you know who can type a title, and immediately jump off on a rabbit trail? Surely, I excel at the finding of the rabbit trail. And also, I am a poet. Whoa, digression number three, and the post is barely 7 sentences long. Time to reel it back in. Ok, reeling. 41 days until I leave for VEGAS, ya’ll! roomster.net, which I offered to do several weeks ago, and just heard back from yesterday. But I got the giggles instead. Somedays are like that.

logo leftOk, back to roomster. The site is designed to allow people to find roomates. Like for apartments or houses. Not hotels. You can search by age, sex or zodiac sign. Yep, I said zodiac sign. And there are pictures of the potential roomies. Hmm. Ok, that’s about all I can tell you. You have to sign up for an account to find out about the available apartments/people and I am not willing to do that, being as I don’t need a roommate and all. But, they do have 992,661 available listings, so if you do need a roomie, this is the place to start looking.