Strike Out

So, did I mention I went to Fort Caswell with the youth this weekend? Well, I did. I’ve posted embarrassing pictorial proof on other blogs. But what the heck, I have no issue with embarrassing myself here, too, so! Here ya go! Me!! In a tree!!!

IMG 0622

Would you believe that even though I would climb a tree for them on a dare, they will not go play volleyball for me? Of course, the fact that they serve alcohol at the establishment where the tourney is being held did have something to do with the negative answer.


So, here we are, now either 4 days or 18 days from The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk/volleyball tournament. I still have exactly the same number of team members (that would be me, so let me add real quick, oh yes, one) and also exactly the same amount of funds raised (that would be, umm, $115).Things are not going real well for me here, are they? I sorta suck at this team captain business. I think the problem is my own ambivalence. It’s pretty hard to get other people excited when you just sorta stand there looking confused, ykwim? I’d love to tell you I have a plan, but I don’t. Except for the part where I know I absolutely cannot participate in a volleyball tournament alone, nor can I take the family vehicle to Myrtle Beach since it has to be at the ballgame, I am clueless.

Memory Walk

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