Ring, Ring

I had a phone call today, and a comment, that reminded me that I was supposed to tell you what was going on with that cryptic post from the other day. So here’s the deal: that volleyball tournament is no longer an issue, nor am I going to be going to Myrtle Beach to walk. Instead, I am organizing The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk for October 13th right here in my home town! The phone call was from the first person the Alzheimer’s Association referred to me. How exciting is that???? I’ve developed a couple of ideas for getting the word out, and I’ll be working on that in the days to come.

In the meantime, there’s been more good news:


My mom has joined my team! And speaking of my mom, it was she who made the comment that made me decide to walk right here in town, so if this fails, we can say it’s all her fault. But I’m sure that’s not going to happen.

Oh, btw! I am still collecting donations. I know some of you forgot, and some of you are planning to do it later, but I really am getting a little nervous about it, so…you know….ok. Just click on the little banner in the sidebar.

Memory Walk

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One thought on “Ring, Ring

  1. I had been thinking from the beginning “why go elsewhere to walk, we have the perfect place right here in our own town, no need to drive 20 miles or more to participate in a walk”. I am so glad that I voiced my thoughts to you.

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