Swimsuits for All

If you are anything like me, and I must assume you are, because really, I can’t imagine the lip gloss princess age group would find much to interest them here, then these days you are probably interested in a swim suit that covers a bit more than the itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot bikini that you might have worn a couple of decades ago. Notice I said “you”, not “we”, since I have never had a shape that was enhanced by being stuffed into a bikini. “Nuff said on that. Except that round is a shape.

100442 57 1So, where were we? (Darn that rabbit trail-itis again.) Oh yes. Bathing suits. Specifically, the swimdress. I really like the styles on this page, because….well, my thighs, like my mind, are 40. And 40 has been much kinder to my intellect than my legs. Just sayin’. I’m happy with the trade-off and all, but still. You know.

Anyway, I am seriously thinking about a new suit for Vegas. Did I mention Vegas yet? I’m almost sure I did.

One thought on “Swimsuits for All

  1. Hey I like those kind of suits too! I can’t stand the swimsuits these days that seem to have been made by very poor sewers who had too little cloth!

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