Kits, Kats, Sacks and Wives

Shoes, socks and hats and bags, these are things I buy. I love, love, love a bag, cute socks are my downfall, and shoes are best purchased in lots of 10. Which I did this spring. Remember? The hats, not so much, but I needed to fit the rhyme.

5408s7 This is one of the new Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags. It’s a cool looking bag, don’t you think? And not just for babies. I think it’s cute for ME! It’s one of the Cake Society Satchels, and I think it’s way cool. You can arrange the straps 4 ways! And I want one. Now, I have to admit that the price is way outta my league, but man, that is one fine bag. *cough* Just in case you want to send me a wee giftie. And, yes, this is the one I like the best. It’s pink. D’uh, as they say here in my hood. It’s my fay-vo-right color.