The timer popped

3329s7I was looking at some ladies today, ladies who were purportedly with child. And I said to myself, “no way are these gals pregnant!” I mean, look at this one, with her pretty face, and huge belly. You know if she were really pregnant, her face and hands would be swollen, right? At least mine would be. It seems like my face swells the day I conceive, and stays that way until the baby is 10 months old. (Then I lose 29 pounds, and we start the process all over again, but hey, I digress.– You knew I would digress, right? ~I should totally be on the first page of Google for “digress”~. Anyway.–Where was I?) Oh yes, pretty ladies, wearing Olian maternity clothes, big bellied and normal faced.

And also, quit looking at me that way. Frealz. Just stop.

So, I had pretty much made up my mind that all of them were wearing belly pillows, like the kind they used to have in maternity shops back when they sold such stuff in brick and mortar stores, which has been a very long time, but let’s stop right there, before I digress again. Okay. Then I saw this picture.3506s7 See her belly?? Can you see the timer? You may have to click over to the big picture to see it, but that turkey in the oven is just about done. And I know this, because my babies also come with this same pop-out timer, and when that timer pops, we have about three weeks to go. More or less. And that’s how I knew that this one was really pregnant when the picture was made. Timer’s don’t lie.