Until they all come home

Those of you who have blog-hopped with me as I have created and merged and re-separated my various blogs probably know that I hold some pretty intense political views, and I’m not embarrased in the least to share them with my adoring fans hapless strangers dropped here by google anyone who will listen others. But I also hold certain non-political views, and that’s what I want to talk about tonight, just a bit.

See, our soldiers and our politics really have very little in common. Our soldiers are our children. Somebody’s son or daughter. Possible someone’s husband or wife, maybe even someone’s mom or dad. And those soldiers are missed by those who love them, who live each day hoping not to get a phone call or a knock on the door. Ever lived hoping NOT to get contacted? It’s …. different. And so, when I saw this chance to encourage you to support our troops, I knew I had to do so. To me, it’s akin to football. I never used to care much when football players went down injured, because my kids weren’t out there– it didn’t affect me. Now that I have sons on the field, I’m a bit more somber when that happens, even if my kid is on the bench. Because next time, it could be my son, see. The picture suddenly looks different, ykwim? I’ll bet you do.

So I know when I ask you to look over this press release, and then visit the Until They All Come Home Bracelet Order Page, you’ll know that I want you to think about people and not agendas.

Novi, MI September 29, 2007 — In an earlier era, tying a ribbon around the old oak tree — as the lyrics of a 1970s pop-tune suggested — was a way to remember U.S. troops off at war. But a Michigan man has another idea. He’d like to see people demonstrate their support for our troops at war in Iraq by wearing a bracelet around their wrists engraved with “Until They All Come Home”, and he has begun offering the bracelets on a Web site in hopes of achieving that goal.

The site, www.untiltheyallcomehomebracelet.com offers colored aluminum, stainless steel or leather bracelets which are engraved, “Until They All Come Home, Operation Iraqi Freedom” or “Until They All Come Home” and the name of an active-duty soldier of the wearer’s choosing. The bracelets are personalized with the date ordered or with a “worn since” date to indicate the wearer’s dedication to the completion of U.S. troops’ mission in Iraq and their safe return home. Bracelets are also engraved with the wearer’s initials, making it uniquely their own.

“So, even if you are against the war and believe that we should withdrawl immeditely, you can wear an Until They All Come Home bracelet to let the troops know that you want us to do it in a way that best protects their security.,” said Rob Tacy, the sites’s founder. “If you want us to continue fighting the war to show the terrorist that we will not back down and provide security for the Iraqi people, you can wear an Until They All Come Home bracelet to show our soldiers that you support their efforts until their mission is complete.,” Tacy added.

Until They All Come Home Braceletsâ„¢ are available at www.untiltheyallcomehomebracelets.com in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and range in price from $12.99 – $18.99, depending on the material and type of engraving chosen. Two dollars from each bracelet sold will be donated to a charity that supports the families of fallen and wounded U.S. soldiers.

Catherine Knight Linsley of Tallahassee, FL has worn two of the bracelets since May 1. “I have two soldiers in Iraq that I have ‘adopted,’ and I wanted something to show everyone that the soldiers there are thought about, prayed for and wished a quick and safe return home,” said Linsley. “My guys do not know about the bracelets yet, but my plan is to wear them 24/7 until they come home, just like I did with my older Vietnam War bracelets.”

Linsely is among many bracelet owners who have posted their stories about their bracelets on the site’s blog page. To read other stories from people who wear Memorial Bracelets, visit their blog at http://memorialbracelet.blogspot.com/.

About Memorialbracelets.com
With the launch in October of 2001 of www.memorialbraclets.com], the idea of wearing a bracelet to support a cause was revitalized. The site was created to raise funds for September 11 heroes and victims of terrorism. Since its inception, Memorial Bracelets has donated over $60,000 to charities supporting these families and to those of Vietnam POWs and MIAs, and U.S. soldiers wounded or fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In response to customer requests, Memorial Bracelets also offers bracelets for U.S. soldiers who were listed as POW, MIA and KIA in the Vietnam War and for military personnel lost during the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Visitors to the site may also create a personally engraved bracelet with a message of their choice, such as the name of an active-duty soldier or that of a lost friend or relative. Many of these bracelets are created as personal, meaningful gifts.