Please Be Thorough

Dear ER Doctors,
When someone, especially a child, comes in and complains of stomach pain, I know that your first reaction is to check for appendicitis, and I appreciate that, because it’s my first concern as well. But! Please go ahead and listen to the belly, instead of just saying “come back if the pain gets worse or you can’t eat.” Because then, when I go buy that child food, and she can’t eat it, I won’t be forced to make a second trip to the ER in the same night. And the mail boxes of the insurance company won’t be stuffed with mail about the TWO ER visits in one night.

Check things the first time, tell me every thing the first time, and there won’t be a second time. How hard is that? I won’t worry needlessly, you won’t have to think I’m crazy, and people who really need your services won’t be kept waiting for nothing. And I mean that nothing to relate to what they will get from the first doctor. Grrr.

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