Too Freaky

IMG 0705I got something today. It’s a large box, full of supplies for The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t freak me out, since Rita had told me it was coming. But look closely at the picture. Do you see an actual address there anywhere? Yeah, me either. Now I know she put one on it, because she called to ask me for it. But evidently, it got pulled off, and what you see there is all that’s left on the box to indicate where it came from, or where it was going. And yet it was delivered. On time. Some things are just meant to be, I guess.

Here’s where we stand on donations and team members:

Not quite as exciting as the big box, huh? I’m hoping that i will get some last minute online donations, and that people who get the town newsletter will drop by, too. And I know the Alzheimer’s Association office in Raleigh is referring people who do not wish to play Volleyball to this walk. I got a late start as team captain, and an even later one as the walk organizer, so I will be happy with whatever I get, and I’ll start getting ready earlier next year.

Memory Walk

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