Finally, Blissfully, Alone

So, tonight, I was alone in my house, for the first time in I don’t even remember when. I

  • made my posts for Sunday and set them to auto publish
  • ate an amount of ice cream that can only properly be described as “a wad”
  • took a shower without worrying about the rest of the family needing hot water
  • also didn’t hurry so someone else could get in
  • shaved my pits
  • got shaved pit hair on one of the girls’ deodorant
  • laughed about said pit hair in the deodorant, considering it a just reward
  • discovered that one of them had broken my (relatively new) hand mirror
  • used it to pluck my overgrown eyebrows anyway
  • took an extra three minutes to dry the roots of my front hair UP instead of hanging forward as this is the only way to even pretend to control my hideous cow-lick
  • decided that three minutes without me is not too high a price for the family to pay so that I can have good hair on a regular basis
  • ate supper without sharing
  • typed this post

And all of that took me just 2 hours. It was incredible. It was better than toys on Christmas morning.