One more thing: Personalized Book

I have one more thing I wanted to tell you about, and honestly, I would probably wait until tomorrow if dh were home, but he’s not, so that means I can’t go lay down yet, so here I am and I might as well go ahead and tell you about the book, because that will keep me from howling in pain. Did I mention that my mouth hurts a little bit? Did I digress again? Oops. I need a new category: Cass Digresses. I put that on one of my new blogs: I digress. ha!

BK BB146So, I got a personalized book for Drama for the express purpose of telling you about it. I have to tell you right up front that I messed up when I ordered this book, and so while I was a bit disappointed in the book it was mostly my own fault, and that I will probably order other personalized childrens books from them. I had th list several choices, and I did not pay attention to the descriptions when i was making that list. I’ve ended up with a book for Drama that would be much better suited to Batman. So, if you order, and if there are children on your gift list, you probably should, be sure to read the descriptions. You’ll save yourself some grief.

The next point of contention is the dedication in the book. I did not specify one because I did not want one, because I was not quite sure how the book was going to fit into our own holiday gift giving scheme. It’s locked in now though, because the book is from “Mommy and Daddy”. My suggestion: type in “no dedication”, because, really most people would want one, right?

They have a great selection of products to personalize on this site, from super heroes to Mother Goose. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good. My book feels solid in my hands, and I’m not worried at all about giving it to a three year old. They also have music cds and videos, many with a Christian slant.

Ok, dh has called and he is on the way home. Soon I can go to sleep. When I wake up , it would be nice to have a new face. If that is not feasible, I am willing to accept the old face not hurting.