Cass slithers in, starts talking

Hi ya’ll. I kinda missed ya’ll, and then again, I was so busy………. No, seriously, I have missed blogging, but equally seriously, I have been remarkably busy. Lemmee pop you some popcorn, pour up some soda and we will catch up. Just make yourselves comfortable here on the discount home theater seating, or, you know, the couch, and I’ll be right back and we’ll get started.

Okay, I last posted here on Thursday, and I had told you that I had a slam packed week, and was actually anticipating a relatively relaxed Friday at home. Accordingly, I was sitting here working along, FD&H, when the lower left quadrant of my vision went grayish, and I began to see squiggly lines. It took me less than 5 minutes to decide a visit to the eye doctor was in order, and less than 45 minutes to arrange everything and get there. The good news is that I am not going blind. The more interesting news is that I have what are called silent migraines. With silent migraines, you have all the symptoms of a migraine except the pain. It’s kinda freaky in a way, but also it’s nice to know that all the times I feel like I am about to crawl out of my own skin have an explanation. Also I am getting cute little pink glasses to replace my five year old broken pair. They will be for night driving and computer work, since my vision is fine except for that darn astigmatism.

And I just love that doctor. He saw four of my kids week before last, and will see three more this week. Midway through this emergency exam he said, “you know you need glasses, you need to come back for that.” I explained that I could not afford to come again, and that I had been planning to come for a regular exam, but then this thing had happened. He asked about insurance, and when I told him I didn’t have any, he did the prescription exam right then so I would not have to pay for another visit. He’ll be seeing my kids, who do have insurance for, like, ever for that little trick.

And, that was Friday. Saturday was lunch, bowling, ice cream and Bible Study with the youth, and then a football game. I was still a little flaky from the un-headache, but it was an enjoyable day. Sunday, I went to church and then spent the afternoon shopping for the stuff we need for the party next Sunday night because I looked over my schedule and realized that if I didn’t go get the stuff yesterday, there would be no stuff gotten. Wanna see what a party for 60 looks like?

IMG 0765
Yes, it’s on my dresser and that is indeed my ceiling. Where else in this house could I stash a candy-themed party for 60 and expect it to still be there in a week? And!! If you want to read all about the goodies, go over to Cass Plays.

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