SPARKling personality

I forgot to tell ya’ll the rest of my Friday. It sorta got eclipsed by the eye thing in my mind. I had told dh to go ahead and get the pedestal sink we needed for the small bathroom, and so I knew he would already be going to the store. I had decided to do some cleaning—- —- getUP off the floor, and quit that shrieking! What’s wrong with you!?!? Why are you acting this way?????—– —– whatever, I was cleaning by vacuuming — STOP IT —- and sparks started coming out of the vacuum, accompanied by the odor of roasting ….something. I called him to to pick up a new one, but he forgot, and then we had the eye thing, and I still don’t have a vacuum because I spent all the disposable income on my eyes. I’m worth it. I guess.

Now, some people might think that this is just a vast conspiracy to avoid the vacuuming, but I can assure you that the one thing I detest is a crusty floor, and no collaboration software was involved in this series of events, even software with a 30 day free trial. I’m innocent. Innocent, I say. Nonetheless, there will be no vacuuming around here until at least Friday, and possibly longer. Because this little trip to the eye doctor took more than the vacuum money, and honey, I gotta go to Vegas in 2 weeks!