Sleeper at desk one

You know how they say clean up on aisle so-and-so in the store? That’s the reference above. I am so sleepy. So sleepy.

Do you remember that series of posts I did on my very busy week? I did not mention yesterday in that series, partly because I was not entirely sure how it was going to play out, but let me tell you all about it now that it is over. I got up from the couch, where I slept to avoid little baby toes in the ribs, about 8:30. I did fight valiantly for my sliver of the bed until 2am, however, so don’t even think of that as sleeping in. We got ready for church and we went and set up the coffee fellowship stuff, rehearsed the children for our Christmas presentation (I’m directing), scurried around finalizing the last details for the party we had last night (that I planned and shopped for), and then I left before church started, asking someone else to tear down the coffee stuff and grab my crockpot.

I came home for less than 10 minutes and we went back out the door to cheerleading competition. We had to be there at 11:45, and it started at 1. We watched 29 teams cheer, and of course, my girls were last. So we screamed for a little over three hours. For those of you who thought watching a cheer competition was a spectator sport, it’s not. It is a participatory activity. I am hoarse today and my throat hurts. This is in addition to the sleepiness, LOL!

Ok, after cheer competition we came home again, where I got a glass of tea, changed out of my heels and into clogs, and we loaded up and headed out to the fall festival at church. I was in charge of this, but I had a couple of ladies come out and help me. We started the decorating and set up at 5:30 and were ready for people at the designated 6pm start time. All I can say is ‘thank God for good help”. Without my daughters and the ladies who came early and my dear husband who individually counted 1,046 m&ms, I totally would not have been ready. So, we ate, we played games, we cleaned up, I mopped up a small river from the backed up drains, and we left adjourned to the parking lot where we chatted for awhile longer.

I finally got home around 8:30, sat down and looked at my PRs, decided Google is smokin’ yet more crack and I don’t care, chatted with a friend and then I went to bed at 10 and read for a bit. So now you know that I have had less than a good night’s sleep on Saturday, run like a mad woman on Sunday, and to complete the trifecta of sleep seduction, it turned off blissfully cool last night, finally. Cool enough to want all the covers on, cool enough to snuggle down and drift back to dreamland, cool enough to make this sleep deprived woman really disappointed about having to get up this morning.

And the three cups of coffee I have had while I wrote this post haven’t done a thing to wake me up. Sigh.