PayPerPost is Changing the Face of the Internet-Again

Having used this space frequently enough to express my opinions on PayperPost, I think it only fair that I tell you the exciting stuff here as well. That’s why I am using this blog to announce some pretty big news. I found out today that tomorrow, PPP is launching a new website, IZEA. According to CEO Ted Murphy, IZEA will be the new umbrella under which all the PPP holdings operate including rssbrief, blog in space, urlbrief, zookoda, and a plethora of other sites.

izeaMurphy is bringing a harem of 80,000 bloggers and 11,000 advertisers to his new name. This makes PPP the largest consumer generated ad network in the world. Later in the month, PPP IZEA will be unveiling a new platform, Argus, which Murphy believes “can leverage this growth to expand even further, and allow us to address our broader mission: to empower everyone to value and exchange content, creativity and influence.” I happen to think he’s right, provided the company learns to protect it’s Achilles heel: communication.

My involvement with PPP has dropped off a bit in recent months, as I struggled to come to terms with new requirements and the communication failures that went with them. I’m looking forward to new platform. I think it is going to bring us very close to what Ted and those of us who have been here since the beginning have dreamed that PPP could be: a Camelot for both bloggers and advertisers. Excuse me. I meant to say IZEA.

3 thoughts on “PayPerPost is Changing the Face of the Internet-Again

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  2. Ironic I got to this post from a link off the dashboard of Payperpost! I just started with them so don’t have too much to compare it to – interesting prospective tho!

  3. Thanks for explaining that to me in terms I could understand. I just started with PPP, so when I got the email it just kind of went over my head. Congrats on being the featured blogger! The first thing I saw when I clicked on your site was your “as for me and my blog” banner. It’s good to see others blog for God and PPP too.

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