A New Tax

I got a flyer in my mailbox the other day about a new real estate tax the government of our county is trying to foist upon us. I believe I have already expressed that this area is growing faster than high rollers are flocking to the Wynn Las Vegas, and now, apparently, the county thinks those of us who were here from the time of Adam ought to pay for it. The tax they are trying to pass is on the sale of homes and properties, and it’s paid by the seller.

I have a couple few problems with this. First, since when did the seller pay the sales tax? This makes the tax an income tax and not a real estate tax. The state already gets it’s share of our income.

Secondly, we already pay property tax every year, and that makes this tax double taxation.

Thirdly, there are no exceptions to this tax–not for churches, not for seniors, not for anyone. Since when do we tax God? I’m laughing too hard at this idea to properly elucidate my response to this, but behind the laughter I think my main emotion is horror.

Fourthly, this is going to make it even more difficult for the working poor to afford housing in this area. Do you think the cost of housing isn’t going to rise even more if this tax is passed? Of course, I have no doubt in my mind that this last effect is the ultimate plan behind most of the decisions of the town council. The working poor make them uncomfortable, see. Which is downright laughable, since I personally know that several of them grew up without twopennies to rub together. Talk about getting above your raisin’.

Ok, I’m about done here. I’ll be voting on election day against this tax. And maybe against the idiots who put it on the ballot while I am at it. They clearly no longer represent me.