Can we be serious just a little while? It won’t take long, and then I’ll post about more Vegas fun this afternoon, but I really need to tell you about a site called It’s a new site, and the purpose behind it is to help you leave you legacy in a safe, available location, so that people can find it when you are gone. You make your profile, which can include your final wishes, emails to send after your demise, a last video, and then you give someone the key so that those portions that are locked until your death can be opened. I’m still working on my profile, but I’m willing to invite you to look at it. Yes, you do have to register. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that, but it is free to join. Here’s a video to explain it a little better:

One thing I especially like about the site is that you can use it to keep up with friends and family NOW. It’s not just useful to others after you are gone. In addition to having a journal feature, and the ability to generate a family tree, you can have it keep up with obituaries from places you have lived before. The one think I’d like to see them add is tracking of birth announcements, because those are important, too.