On the second day of Vegas

my true love gave to me… a long term fantasy, and I met TED!

I had wanted to meet him for the longest time, and so the first thing we did Thursday morning was go to the convention center. No, that’s not the true. The first thing we did was to pay $9.99 each for the crappiest breakfast buffet ever at the Imperial Palace. If you are thinking about eating breakfast there, just don’t. Thank me later.

Ok, BlogWorldExpo, Convention Center, Ted. I recognized Ted, of course, from the RockStartUp vids and pics I had seen, and I was gratified and pleased that he recognized me immediately as well. He is just as wild and crazy in person as he is on film, and we hit it off right away. Except for the part where he didn’t expect me to be short, funny, southern or flirty, I mean.

Ted and I

Now, here’s the deal with Ted. He has a side-kick named Travis. Travis is a videographer. He tapes Ted all the time, and it took me until Saturday night to get used to that and be able to ignore Travis-with-the-camera. Travis, I apologize here for a footage you have to cut because I messed it up. I hope some of my funnier moments make up for the loss. And also, when Travis puts the camera down, he’s funny. And cute. See?
Hot Travis

And now, back to Ted, because there is one more thing you need to know. A very important thing. Even when Travis-with-the-camera is not around, and so you think you are safe, you are not. Ted wears a wire. Now you know. Also, they laughed at me when my eyes bugged out when I saw him take it off and mentally replayed the day’s conversations, especially the part about my spectaculars.

I also met Ashley (girls, sigh here), Randy (can we dance again?), Robb (last name = my home town) and Britt (beautiful) on Thursday. And if they will all provide me with links to their sites/blogs, I will link them from my now kiss-of-death PR0 blog, but that’s another post.

Ok, so, met everyone, smoozed awhile, and then it was time for dinner. I had not had real German food since I left Germany some 20 years ago, and so we went to the Hofbrauhaus. Oh my word. They have food:

They have incredibly large, but authentically German beer:
huge beer

They have a live band, and two of the members can play this thing, which I do not know the name of, but it will send chills up your spine to hear it, much like an Alpine Bagpipe, I suppose:

And that night, they had all my newly met friends, except the Izea gang, who ditched us to go eat with investors, go figure:
folks at hofbrauhaus

Also, they are across the street from a place that sells wide shoes and clothing:
wide clothing.

After Hofbrauhaus, we went to New York, New York and visited Coyote Ugly, comp’d. Micheal tried to convince me to add to the decor:

bras at coyote ugly

I declined.

After that, we went to the Carnaval at Harrah’s, and here I am with even more newly-met friends. Too bad there were no diamond rings to go with the boa:
friends at Carnaval

At this point, I was told it was time to go back to my room, and not being in any condition to argue, I complied, knowing that Friday, I would get to meet even more new and exciting people. Good Night!

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13 thoughts on “On the second day of Vegas

  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, Jules! What if you’ve got you’re wearing your good $40 bra? (of which I only have one) No way!!

    Looks like so much fun! But where is the pic of you and Ted, Cass?? Why didn’t you put it on this post?

  2. I also don’t remember that last picture being taken and I was stone cold sober. And, Cass, you could NOT have gotten back to your room by yourself without getting lost. Also, you were almost falling off your chair. That is why it was time to go. 🙂 It was all fun though!

  3. Totally not arguing about any of that. But I have seen several variations of this picture around. I think Tricia’s husband Chris took them all.

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