Virgin Mobile sucks, and they also lie, cheat and steal

Realizing yesterday that I was leaving town again tomorrow, because I am just quick like that, I called Virgin Mobile to order a cell phone and service from them. The customer service rep assured me that the camera on the Slider Sonic was comparable to the one on the Wildcard, so I chose that one, even thought that QWERTY keyboard made me drool. I’d rather have good pictures, because I am a photoblogger, after all. I looked that over a bit more carefully after the kids were settled last night, and I can only conclude that Virgin Mobile lies. The cameras are so not comparable, with the Wildcard being the better one by several orders of magnitude.

When I ordered the phone, it was 10am on the west coast, so there was plenty of time to have the phone shipped out overnight, so I could get it today and activate, charge and program it in time for my trip. I paid extra for that overnight shipping. I was assured when I called back late last night to change my order to the Wildcard that my phone was on the way, and so my order could not be changed. When my phone was not here at 1:30 today, I called to check again, and my phone has not only NOT SHIPPED, it’s still marked as pending. So, Virgin Mobile not only lies, but they also steal.

At this point I was just about mad, and so I told the supervisor that I wanted a refund. Oh, no, they can’t possibly do that. Not even when they lie, not even when they steal, because Virgin Mobile is also a big fat hairy cheat. So, let’s recap: Virgin Mobile will lie, cheat and steal to get your money. They’ll tell you anything to get you to fork over your dough. And since I have had to call at least 4 times and spend a couple hours on the phone wading through their customer unservice, I’m gonna also say Virgin Mobile sucks.

FTR, I did warn that supervisor that I planned to let at least 300 people know how I felt about them, and I am pretty sure that I can go well over that with StumbleUpon and Digg. Will you help a girl out? Click it for me, wouldja? I need to go find a real phone. Grrrrrrrrr

5 thoughts on “Virgin Mobile sucks, and they also lie, cheat and steal

  1. Dugg 🙂
    I have VM, and I have to say I’m not entirely happy with it. We only went with it because we didn’t want to get into another contract with the other carriers since we barely use our cell phones. We’d always have tons of minutes at the end of the month (and with a high price tag for those minutes!)
    My gripe with them is that we have LOUSY coverage. And VM is supposed to have excellent coverage. I can’t even get mine to work here at home.. in a large city.. where there SHOULD be coverage.

  2. I had HORRIBLE service with VM. They tapped my bank account (because I had automatic loading set up) for $150 in just two weeks. Mind you, the phone had barely been used for a total of 30 minutes total in that time. I got no satisfaction from customer service when I demanded a refund. I did the same as you and said that I would tell everyone I knew that VM is a band of corrupt thieves. That was six months ago and I’m still telling people!

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  4. That’s insane! I ended up with them because that’s all I could get, but I’ll be diligent in checking up after them.

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