I can be here and there

Woohoo, for me, I did get a phone today, but only because I went and bought one. I told dh to refuse the one that’s coming Friday. Sigh and whine. Because I live here in the land that time forgot, I have had to go with VirginMobile anyway. My other options were TracFone which I have heard bad things about, and some company I have never heard of. Whatever. I got the phone I wanted, and I have put a couple of numbers in it, and I can text, and email, and here’s the really important part post to my blogs. I set up Utterz to send updates to Mothering Many, and that’s where you can tune in to find out what’s going on, because this trip? it’s all about the kids, man.

3 thoughts on “I can be here and there

  1. I hope you got a good minutes deal with Virgin. I used to use them. Then I switched to Cingular GoPhone. I actually liked it better because I never seemed to be out of a service area. Virgin uses the Sprint towers, I think, and there aren’t as many of them out in the country as there are Cingular/AT&T.

    Now I’ve got a regular AT&T cell phone, added to Elizabeth’s plan. I don’t talk much on the phone and when I do, it’s usually always within the network, so my phone bill for that is about $12 a month..lol

    I hope you have lots of towers where you’re going!

  2. Great you got the phone you want, that is most important. I have a TracFone and have had it for 2 years now, and I love it. I can even text and I annoy my friends to no end with text messages. LOL

  3. Oh and i want to add about my TracFone.. when I drove from SLC Utah to Tahoe, Nevada, the two friends who I caravaned with, neither of their cell phones had reception on the long drive. My TracFone had reception the whole time.

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