My head doesn’t hurt and Happy Thanksgiving

If my head explodes form the pain, and I die, will someone please take care of my blogs for me? I have another one of those silent migraines. I cannot believe how badly this hurts without hurting. It feels as if my head is trying to explode and someone is pressing down to keep it in one piece. Words fail to adequately describe it, I am sure. I just want to be in a dark quiet place, and there is no such thing here in my home. Do you remember how those quack doctor used to crack open people’s skulls to let the “vapors” out? Well, in spite of the fact that most of those people died, I am just about ready to let someone drill a hole in my own head to let off the pressure. Ingersoll Rand air tools, un-headache remedy of champions. Here’s hoping it will also handle the accompanying nausea, but I’m not sure it will be enough to keep me from crying when little high pitched voices assault my ears.

In other news, dh and I are cooking Thanksgiving Dinner tonight. We put it off because of the cheer competition, so tonight it’s turkey breast, green bean casserole, stuffing from a box, pies from the store, and he-didn’t-buy-my-wine. I forget what else we are having, see above paragraph, but I know there is more. I mixed up the casserole and told him that was all I could do, mostly because standing up takes so much effort.

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