I’ve had better thinking days

Today, my thoughts are so very scattered that I am having a hard time stringing two words together. I do not understand why some days I can focus in spite of the noise of my family, and some days, I cannot. And it’s conversely bizarre, in that the more I want to get through writing so that I can concentrate on other things (including my family), the more distracted I am. In fact…I really think I am in a catch-22. I need to take a break from blogging for a few days so I can concentrate on some other things and wrap up some perpetual lose ends, but if I do that, then when I come back, I will have to blog twice as hard to catch back up with that. How bad is it? Well, today I finally got the first bag of swag from PostieCon out of my room and on to my desk. Mixed in among the magnets, stickers and personalized pens are just a few business cards of people I really wanted to contact.

And I still haven’t gathered all my notes from my assorted jobs/meetings/blogs and made a good to-do list. I am so afraid something is going to slip through the cracks!

Also, I have four packages here that I need to open and play with.

Also, the laundry.

Also,the toilets.

Also, the bills.

And finally, I’d really like to finish at least one cup of coffee while it’s still warm. I’ve been trying to do that all. day. long.

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