Suck Up and Deal

Being the cruel and heartless mother of a sweet young drama queen, I find myself saying this quite often. Life is not about cookies, yk? I also say it online, though I usually try to be nicer about it. In fact, I have said it several times over the past 2 weeks. And yet some people just can’t seem to do that. I’m referring to a whole different category of sucking up and dealing, though. I’m a tricky bitty, and I just wanted to remind you all of what I have already said about Google. Today’s topic is actually Mike Arrington, and his arrogant refusal to do proper research before he posts more vitriol about PayPerPost on his blog.

Mike has posted again this morning, calling those PPP bloggers who are concerned about lost income “pathetic”. It’s apparent that he has never had to worry about how he was going to feed his family, or put clothes on their backs. It’s apparent that Mike Arrington is a young punk chump who could use an education in the School of Hard Knocks. It’s apparent that he also has a bunch of fawning droolers who follow him around in a pack clapping and barking as he makes fun of those who can’t afford to burn money. And it’s also apparent, if you read the comments, that he is offending his regular readers with his constant and unwarranted attacks on PayPerPost.

See, back in the day, Arrington leveled the same accusations at PPP and back in the day, as much as it pains me to say it, he was right. But PPP has changed, and those accusations are no longer true, and yet Mike is still performing the same song and dance. He’s like the organ grinder’s monkey who only knows one trick. Mike is still waltzing while savvy bloggers are now doing the cha-cha-cha.

So! Get a new act, Mike. Most of us aren’t freaking out. Most of us have long ago learned the grown up attribute of Suck Up and Deal.

8 thoughts on “Suck Up and Deal

  1. Excellent post Cass. He actually linked to one of my posts about the Google deal. I read his and just chuckled under my breath and wondered what reality he is living in. Obviously he does not have his head on straight. I have sucked… and I am waiting for RR to straighten out.

  2. I will be 56 years old next month. At this age, I find it harder and harder to adjust to and accept change and I sometimes have to be dragged into it, kicking and screaming. However, I do change and I do grow and I do allow myself to be stretched and to learn. Apparently, MA is about 175 years old, since he can’t seem to change his tune at all.

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