In 1985, I graduated high school. I was 17 years old and I looked like this (Please look at the hair. Look at it again. Ok, we can move on).

Cass at 17

I listened to Jim Croce

and Barry Manilow

and Nena’s 99 Luft Balloons

and Air Supply.
I watched Charlie’s Angels, and Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman.
The Wizard of Oz was a yearly tradition.
I read everything I could get my hands on, including the encyclopedia beginning with A.
I was a straight A student, in spite of the fact that I almost flunked out for absenteeism.
I planned to marry Tommy Wallace, Jr. who lived in Cheraw, SC.
I went skating every weekend.
I planned to be a lawyer.
I was going to change the world.
I wrote hideous poems
And I knew everything.

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9 thoughts on “1985

  1. I planned to be a lawyer.
    you are a lawyer of sorts…well maybe more like a judge in your house *between the kids :P*

    I was going to change the world.
    believe me, you have changed many a world for many a person.

    And I knew everything.
    I think you still do 😛

    and you were a knock out then as you are now 😀

  2. 1. Those eyes. Woman, those eyes make me melt.

    2. Jim Croce makes me cry. I love that song.

    3. Not into Manilow so why did I play that? It took me to another time. Damn.

  3. Gorgeous!! Killer eyes and I absolutely love the hair and I completely miss the 80’s!!!

    Thought I was gonna change the world? yep

    Knew everything? yep

    Wrote bad poetry? yep

    Encyclopedia reader, eh? Uh no – not me, good gracious, you’re a smarty! Love it!!

  4. Great picture and so 80’s, I love it. We all had our hair like that back then. I miss the 80’s. *sigh*

  5. I graduated in ’85, too.

    I rollerskated to 38Special– remember them?

    Remember Pat Benatar and Boston and Lionel Ritchie?

    Did you watch Mork and Mindy, and that mini-series “V”?

    LOL, uh oh, I’ll be in nostalgia-land all day. Thanks, thanks a lot.

  6. “I was a straight A student, in spite of the fact that I almost flunked out for absenteeism.”

    A’s and B’s, but same here! LOL

    and I graduated in 1985 and had the same hairstyle as you 🙂

    except I was too cool for Barry Manilow in my neighborhood, he was “out” by like 8th grade. I was a Van Halen, ACDC and Madonna girl.

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