Changing the World, One Decision At A Time

I mentioned last night that at 17, I wanted to change the world. The connotation when someone says that is that they plan to do big things, things that put them in the news, yk? Not live a simple life that goes largely unnoticed. You have no idea how very much I appreciate of you who left a comment indicated I had touched your life. It was an amazing and affirming experience for me, proof that I am doing what I meant to do, even if I am doing it a bit differently than I had planned.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: making decisions that make a difference. You may recall that back in September, I participated in the Memory Walk. That made a difference, even though it 1)wasn’t as wildly successful as I had hoped 2)didn’t directly touch the life of anyone I knew. Foundations were laid, and somebody, somewhere will eventually benefit from that choice. I’m doing it again next year, and that’s why the button is still in the sidebar. I didn’t just forget and leave it there. Hint, hint.

Another decision I have to make is where to do my shopping, as do you. With Christmas rapidly approaching, most of us are now making this decision daily if not hourly. I try to shop at places that support the things I support, that give back to the community, either locally or globally. I’m not obnoxious about it, and I won’t go twice as far to do so or anything, but generally I like to put my money in the hands of those who will use it to do good, even though it may cost me a tiny bit more to do so. One such company is JacarandaStyle, When you buy from them, you are helping to support the Ethembeni School in South Africa, which helps over 300 disabled children in South Africa.

200504 thumbThis is an example of their handmade goods. I chose it because it combines beauty with usefulness. Remember that I am a woman and a knitter. Beauty pleases me, and it is a perfectly acceptable reason for something to exist, even if no other purpose is fulfilled, but when you combine the beautiful with the useful, it’s even better. This bowl, like everything offered by Jacaranda, was made by artisans in South Africa– the same area that benefits from the sales. Every time I think of Africa, the phrase “circle of life” flies through my mind, and this company truly does participate in that circle. Adults are employed making salable items, and the sale of those items provides needed services to the children there.

Oh, these guys have been talked about in magazines for the work they are doing: Food and Wine, Traditional Home, Marie Claire, Ebony and The New York Times have all featured them and their products. And, I have a coupon code for you: shop by December 14th, and use “JSTYLE” to get 10% off your purchase.

Back to my decisions, and changing my world. Last weekend, you may recall, I tried to stay off the computer. That had such a wonderful effect on my family that I am planning to do it again. Of course, I must be truthful and tell you that we have one activity after another lined up, but I would make that decision anyway, I think. My husband is now working a second job, and so my time with him is severely limited, and this comes just as I have realized that I need to make a point to reconnect with him. And, yeah, my kids also need a mom. And, umm, I have that avoidance issue we talked about previously. Anyway, if I don’t get back here before I shut down, I’ll see you Monday.

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