Merry Christmas, Sweetheart

Man, am I just a little bit aggravated here. I guess it never occurred to DH that when I quit using the checking account, I could no longer do any shopping unless he gave me cash. Which he did not bring me any of. On the weekend before Christmas. Whatever. I’m just a little frustrated that whatever doesn’t get done will be laid squarely at my feet, not necessarily by him, but certainly by everyone else.

I worked my tail off today to get the last of the house cleaned so we could finally put up the tree, sat down in the recliner, not to relax but rather to work and plan what I needed to pick up this weekend, only to find out that I can stop planning my shopping right this instant. Umm, yay. I guess. Also, to get fussed at for not discussing things with him. In all the time that I was home I guess, because the date for Christmas fluctuates from year to year, and so it has to be ironed out afresh each December. Ummm-hmmm.

Well, at least my hair dresser can take paypal. I’m finally getting my hair cut that I desperately needed last week. As for the shopping, DH says Monday is soon enough to get that handled. I’ll let you all know how that works out for him.

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Sweetheart

  1. Oh no!! 🙁 Well I hope he has fun fighting the crowd all by himself to get everything on your list on Monday!

    We have everything but our turkey now, hubby is gonna pick that up tomorrow afternoon. On the bright side … I look forward to checking out your new hair cut when you get back 😉

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  3. Fer fuck’s sake, honey, the day after Christmas, go to the bank and get yourself an ATM card!! Are you not on the account? Don’t live that way! xoxo

  4. Yeah, I’m on the account, I’ve just never bothered to get an ATM card. Neither one of us has one. Crazy, I know. HA!

  5. Mark has almost every single year put all the Christmas shopping off until the very last possible moment and it is always so stressful! I’m so sorry, Cass! I know exactly how you feel!

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