Calendar Face

Short posts all around today. Umm, D’uh. Hello, it’s Christmas Eve! I’ve got baking to do, and kids to play with, and people to see, a tree to decorate (oops) and other stuff to do! In fact, just as most of you guys are ending your festivities, mine are ramping up. We’ll be Christmassing well into January! But I wanted to let you all know that I did geto go shopping. It took some maneuvering, but I was able to get access to the money dh forgot to get out for me. I do not have to shop on Christmas Eve, LOL! In fact, it’s entirely possible that I do not have to enter a retail store again until 2008, which is always my goal. I was actually surprised that it wasn’t worse on Saturday, but people were for the most part friendly and considerate.

Okay, so Calendar. Yes, I got one, and it’s got some features that will help with my need for a reminder system. My fellow “hospitality committee” member and I have already started planning. We’ll be moving into our new facility this coming week, and that will make some things much easier. Also, we’ll have easily accessible storage, so we can buy better quality, re-usable goods instead of so much throw away stuff.

And Face. Oh my my. I have entered the world of mineral make-up. In fact, entered is too lackadaisical a term. I have jumped in with both feet, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I was torn about where to post my adventures, and in the end, I chose to put them on CassKnits, because it’s a more frivolous blog in general and I just…..well, obviously I am still uncertain, since I am linking you to it, LOL. After all you can’t get much more “me” than my face, right? As an added bonus, my pores no longer look like someone walked across my cheeks wearing golf shoes. Go me! I am totally excited, and I bet if you look at those pics, you can tell.