Christmas Past Presents

Before I begin to talk about my Christmas presents,. I just want to say that in church Sunday, Pastor talked about folks asking if we were ready for Christmas. You may recall a certain conversation I had with my husband about Christmas, so I felt quite vindicated when Pastor said, “how can you not be ready for Christmas? It happens on December 25th every year, that date never changes, so how can you not be ready?”. Of course, he had spiritual ramifications in mind, but still…. vindicated, I say.

Ok, so what did I get? Well, prepare to laugh, because it’s so sad it’s funny. I got memory for my computer that did not work. I got a bra from Victoria’s Secret that will not fit, no, not even if I use the fabric from both cups on one boob. Vicki may know how to spell 38C, but she does not know how to make it. And I got sparkly underroos that itch. The end. Good thing I did some shopping for myself, as previously discussed. Also, there are more presents in my future at other celebrations. Oh wait, that’s not all I got. I also got a very sore shoulder working on the kids’ new trampoline. That would be the right shoulder. The left one has been messed up for several months already. Yep, two shoulders, both whacked.

But I did learn that I like the smaller Christmas better. We were actually through here in time to go to lunch with my extended family, though we did not go, because we thought from past experience that we would not make it. And also, I have already decided what I want the family to get next year. Let’s just say that it includes a plasma stand, and that I had mentioned it several times earlier in the year, before the rankspank.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need a narcotic for my shoulder. Since I am home alone with the kids, I’ll settle for some ibuprofen.

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