But a water hose?

Ok, so we all know that I work my blogs. I try to bring you interesting and relevant content on a reasonably consistent basis, and I feel like I do that with some measure of success since you are here, reading it and all. I mean, it’s a great big internet and you could, in theory, be anywhere, still in your pjs in the recliner in your living room. Yet, you come here. And I appreciate that. It’s kind of humbling actually. And amazing, really. In fact, when I told my cousins at Grandmother’s wake that I was a professional blogger, that I actually got paid to write stuff, and that people actually came here to read what I had to say, they were all amazed. HA!

Anyway, now that I have made you grin (I hope), let’s move on. Some things are just easier to talk about that others, yk? I can discuss pretty dishes, and I can talk about resolutions, and I can tie all that into my life, in a more or less satisfactory manner. But then I get dealt a link like flat garden hose, and I’m left shaking my head and asking “what were they thinking”? See, the folks who asked me to place this link live here in North Carolina. They know that we are in the midst of a drought. We are, in fact, over 20 inches under for rainfall. The only possible use I can think of for a flat garden hose is a wall decoration, because I am certainly not going to use it to water anything. We’re having a drought. A serious drought.

So, let’s brainstorm possible uses of flat garden hoses that do not include water. I’ll go first. We could use it as a photo prop with a seed packet, for an oddly flat composition. We could re-gift it to someone in Arizona, because they have more water than we do. We could ….. your turn. Use the comments to tell me what you can do with a flat hose.