Of cabbages and kings and goals and things

On Decemeber 21st, I said:

I think over the coming days, I will be doing a series of posts on my goals for the year in various areas. I think I sorta started on that back in spring or summer, but I got sidetracked by the freight train that became my life. You know, that’s another difference between goals and resolutions: goals can be changed to reflect the current circumstances, but resolutions are permanent. I know I want to set some financial and physical goals, along with schooling, health, house and crafting. Umm, I think it would be a good idea to concentrate on relaxing and recreation and family as well. That will certainly get me started. The very first thing I plan to do is get a calendar and use it to do some broad planning. Tell me, what are you planning to do in 2008?

The time has come to begin to do this. I did pick up my calendar, as I believe I have posted, and I noted that Easter is early, and so I have started rehearsals for the children’s Easter presentation already. I think I’ll have them sing near the fourth of July, and then again at Christmas, too.

Now, when I write my goals, I want to keep in mind that I cannot be responsible for other people’s choices. If my goal depends on someone else’s actions, then I am setting myself up for failure. I learned that nifty lesson from my now mostly abandoned 101 in 1001. I can’t make people do anything, and I am only responsible for myself. Speaking of which, I need to update that page, both to reflect that realization, and also because there are some good ideas there that I have forgotten. Okay, so that leaves us with the areas I bolded above: financial, physical, schooling, health, house, crafting, relaxing, recreation, family. Let’s also add spiritual and reading.

Now then, I already made my crafting goals this morning, and they are over on Cass Knits. Boiled down, it’s to finish twelve projects and not to spend any money on craft supplies until I have done that, or the year ends.

Financially, I’d like to pay the bills I am responsible for in a timely manner, catching them up and keeping them current. There are also some goodies I want for myself: mp3 player, new camera, big tv which will double as next year’s Christmas present.

I’d like to spend more time enjoying my family this year and less time on the internet. I love ya’ll and everything, but I do love them more, and I need to show that in how I prioritize my time.

I want to lose 20 pounds, not because it’s the fashionable thing to say, but because I gained weight when I quit smoking, and my clothes no longer fit, and I want them to. That’s going to involve making healthier food choices, so I will need to educate myself. I weigh 160 today, and I plan to weigh each week to measure my progress. I guess that means I can play along with Weightloss Wednesday, if I can find it.

I want to get my kids through the year they are currently in for school and the next one. We have fallen behind, and I want to make that time up. That means that after we get off Christmas vacation on January 14th, we will be schooling year round except for medical appointments until next Christmas break.

Speaking of Christmas, I want to get started a little earlier with the advent. I am fine with waiting until Christmas Eve to begin our celebration, but I want to start advent and the ritual cleaning of the house on December 1.

Speaking of cleaning the house, I want to get that finished. I have my room left, and also the Christmas stuff. I don’t plan to take all year with it, and in fact, I want to be done by the 12th of January.

I’d like to go away again this year, whether to PostieCon, or somewhere else, or both. I am still toying with the idea of a craft trip like I had tossed out a couple months ago. Does that count as spending money on crafts? Hmmm, I’ll have to think on that.

In spiritual matters, I’d like to find God again. I’ve misplaced Him, and that is totally my fault. I’ve let the busyness of life crowd Him out, and that’s just not right. The busier I am, the more of His guidance I need, and the less likely I am to take time to ask Him for it. Talk about setting myself up for failure! So, I need to MAKE time for prayer. Not find it, because that is not going to happen. MAKE time. Also, I want to read through the Reese Chronological Bible this year.

I’d like to go somewhere as a family this year. I want to go out with husband now and again. And I want to read a book every month that will help me as a wife or mom or teacher. I want to finish that massive to-do list. I want to be organized.

I want to be a better blogger, which I plan to measure based solely on readership and not by how long I make myself sit here. The amount of time I spend with my office furniture is not an adequate measure of my productivity.

See, I told you I’d been thinking about it. There may be a couple or eight more posts on this topic, but at least I have laid a framework.

3 thoughts on “Of cabbages and kings and goals and things

  1. It’s a long list, but when you’ve taken time to write it out, it really helps you reach goals by having a plan to follow.

    I’m doing some things like this also, trying to figure out what is dead weight, what needs to be done, and what is less important. (business and life)

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