It only works if you read it

Haha on me! I neglected to glance at my calendar this week. How crazy is that? In my defense, I took horribly sick on Sunday, and it has been a battle since then to get motivated to do anything but sit and stitch. So, I am behind just a bit already. I did use the list I generated yesterday to write some more stuff in there, though, and the more I look at the calendar the more I like the way it is laid out. I’m thinking it will be very useful in helping me to become more organized. Oh, I guess I should tell you what it is, hmm? Here, it’s this one. Hehe, too bad I no longer have any paper pictures to put in the front of it. There’s just something whacked about a mother of 8 carrying around a picture of someone else’s baby on her planner, yk? Whacked I say. Like a doctor carrying around toy medical supplies, I say.