Hormonal Hostage?

Have I mentioned lately that I am 40? I believe I might have, but I just want to be sure, because it’s kind of important to what I am about to say. See, I need to be sure you know I am not a teenager, when I let you know what’s been going on with me lately. Now, in addition to the perpetually clogged pores that did NOT go away after adolescence, and the fine network or crow’s feet laugh lines, I have some other things going on that I don’t quite understand. I mean, I understand, but the issues are usually associated with girls 25 years my junior, yk? It’s almost embarrassing.

Well, Cass, what’s the problem, you say? Have your curiosity piqued just a bit? Well, ok. I’m……….sweaty. And oily. Yeah, like I said, embarrassing. I first noticed the sweating problem back in the summer when all my shirts got this … grey stain in the pits. It was/is gross. I thought for awhile it might be the new washer, but then I realized that a lot of people have those washers, and surely the armpits of America are not all grey, and ewwwwwwwwwww. Gross. So, I am looking for a new antiperspirant. Any suggestions? I’ve asked all the IRL people I am willing to admit this problem, too and none of them had any advice that worked. I need help NOW, because I bought a new light pink shirt and wore it once, and now I can’t wear it out of the house again. Okay, enough of that. Let’s move on to the oilies, and if you think the sweaties were funny, this will be a regular laugh riot.

My hair has turned on me. Now, you’ll remember (maybe) that I have long had issues with the curliness of my hair that tends to frizz if it’s over worked. And by long, I mean basically my whole life. I recently found a stylist, and I have been having much better results with the look of my hair, and OH! I am so happy with my hair. Also, I gave in to my secret desire of multiple decades, and I had her apply a little auburnish coloration to my hair, if you get my meaning. (I put a little red on my head is what I am trying to say.) So, I got some shampoo for that, some spendier shampoo than I had been using and I expected great results from it. But, but, but. On day two, I looked like I was an unwashed 15 year old bum. My hair was oily and yet big hunks of skin were flaking off my scalp. It was nasty. Truly horrible. I shampoo twice a week, because, like many other people my age, I have dry skin, and by dry, I mean, really dry, and that’s what contributed to the flakes, but because my scalp is so dry, I don’t think I can shampoo any more frequently without making the dryness worse, and yet, I also need to protect the color.

Which brings me around to the people who reminded me to ask for your advice and allow you to laugh at my expense: Salon Grafix. They make a dry shampoo that you can use if you don’t have time for a regular shampoo. I’m thinking it ought to clean my hair without aggravating my dry scalp. So, if I’d had some of it when my hair looked so awful, I could have done something about it. And, it’s color-matching! No red, but they do have brunette. The last time I tried dry shampoo was back in the day, and it was yuck. It left my hair with this weird white tinge, and a coating that felt ….. like …flour, I guess. I’m sure that the technology has improved over the past 20plus years, but I want to know what your opinion is, so let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Hormonal Hostage?

  1. Last June with my wifes health continuing to fail, my 90 year old mother-in-law self induced spontaneous Alzheimer episodes, three dogs, one cat two grandsons a birthing, two daughters learning the ropes of married life… gasp – I decided to stop working outside of the house. My presence was needed at home.

    So I decided to retire at 40, Feb. 16th, to become more of a nuisance to my family. When I announced this my wife suggestion letting my hair grow out as an outward display of my midlife rebellion. Hand in there the point is coming.

    My hair has been growing over a month or so and this whole longer hair thingy is new. It started doing exactly what you described above! I’m looking forward to checking this dry shampoo out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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