Yep, Hormone hostage

I mentioned Friday that I thought my new shampoo needed a boost, remember? Well, no, that’s not it. I used the old shampoo, and the same thing happened. I am 40 years old with oily hair. Or maybe normal hair. But certainly with hair that will have to be washed 3 times a week instead of twice. I wonder how my scalp is going to like that?

In other bodily news, I am now counting calories. I have stopped gaining, but I am not losing. I picked up some health frozen meals yesterday to help me in my quest. Evidently I failed portion control 101, and who has time to measure every morsel anyway? Just eat the food in the box, and write down the number. I think I can find time for that. In the meantime, my stomach can adjust to smaller portion sizes.

Can I find anything else to whine about as far as my body is concerned? I’m beginning to sound like an adolescent.