Where did that come from?

Apparently, I have become one of those vapid females at which I used to roll my eyes and giggle. It started with my new interest in make-up and now I want to try a little of everything. And I find myself more interested in fashion than is strictly normal, and at the doctor’s office last week, I actually got mad at my 12 year old over an In Style magazine. I really wanted to look at it. In fact, I want a subscription.

I’m just not sure where this is coming from. I’ve never cared overmuch about all that stuff, even as a young girl. I wanted to look good, sure, but this is just strange territory for me. It’s fun, sure, but different. I was going to try to analyze this for us today, but I’m not sure I am ready to look too closely at it.

viki fuc tnLet’s come back to it later, but in the meantime: If these Emu Australia shoes arrive at my front door, don’t be too quick to assume that I ordered them for one of the girls.