New and Improved, with Pictures

I know I mentioned that I was really purging and cleaning my house. Did I mention my cousin was coming each weekend to help me? It is such a help to have a fresh eye look things over. We moved here 5 years ago, and I put the table long way in the dining area, and that’s how it stayed. And I cursed it almost everyday as I tried to walk around it to do stuff, and clean around it in the back, etc. Today, she said “let’s turn it, and put the hutch…..”. Well, I said there was NO WAY we could stand to lose one end of the table, but I called everyone in to come take a seat just to prove her wrong, and Lo and BEHOLD, we fit, it fit, they fit.

And I can clean behind and around and it’s EASY. I hate to fight my house to clean it, and if you saw the place, you would know. And, yeah, we scrubbed the floor on our hands and knees to make up for my weeks of neglect.

You can see the dining area as it used to be here and here. This is what it looks like now, except I’ve re-hung the curtains. They were in the dryer when I took the picture.

IMG 0017

I am tired. That’s not lightweight contemporary furniture. It’s solid maple that dh inherited from his parents. And the freezer was no cake walk, either. (Not that I moved that very much–I let dh do it instead, LOL). I can’t wait to throw out another metric ton of crap and create more living space. The bathroom is next!

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