Heath Ledger Dead, per CNN

A great piece of news to cap off an otherwise fantastic day.

/end incredibly heavy sarcasm.

You know, some days just suck from the time you get up. Nothing goes right, and it seems like everything you touch turns to poo. This wasn’t that kind of day for me. I was able to accomplish everything I set my mind to (so far). On the other hand, every piece of news I got sucked. From “it can’t be fixed” to “Heath Ledger is dead”, this is one day I coulda gone without hearing any news at all.

One thought on “Heath Ledger Dead, per CNN

  1. My day was exactly the same. Just throw in sick kids for a little variety!

    I’m extremely upset about Heath Ledger. I can’t quite figure out why, I mean.. I didn’t know him. But when I walked into my office to check my mail with the tv on in there with the breaking news. I actually gasped loudly. So loudly that Cassidy was startled enough to come in and ask me if I was ok!

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