Ready Ang.? Let’s Go

Back in November, when Ang. and I finally met in person, it was a totally awesome thing. I know I didn’t blog much about it, but, it was because I had a very difficult time finding the words to say. We had grown to know each other so well over our years of internet friendship that being in the same room together only meant we got to give our fingers a rest and jack our jaws instead. We even said BRB now and again. And when we got home, we agreed that we should not wait such a long time before having another IRL meetup, and we discussed meeting this spring in Pigeon Forge. I used the HotelsByCity website tonight to try to find cheap hotels and I was pleased to see that we can get a room for about 65 bucks a night during the first week of May. We could get them even cheaper if we go right now!

Unfortunately, that isn’t financially possible for either of us, but if I could anywhere I wanted to right now, it would be Pigeon Forge with Ang. I’ve had a miserable 2 months, and I need a get away. In fact, I probably need a good cry, too, and I know she won’t laugh when my mascara runs. I know they say only time can mend a broken heart, but coffee with a friend can go a real long way.

One thought on “Ready Ang.? Let’s Go

  1. Hi Cass,

    You’re right, a cup of coffee with a friend can definitely go a long way when you are going through something like a heartache.

    Maybe you could down to your favorite cafe, and give her a call from a table in the corner (where nobody will see your mascara running! 😉 )

    Positive thoughts headed your way! 🙂


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