Cleaning is Still Therapuetic, So is Money

Last night, I did the bathroom cabinets. Yeah, I took a picture, but I’m not putting it here, LOL. You can find it on DigiCass. I’m pretty sure I need to go through again and throw away yet more stuff. Or at least organize it a bit better. I seem to have accumulated a bunch of partial bottles of shampoo and conditioner, plus 4 full bottles of infusium23. and 5 containers of gel. And then there is the stuff I actually use. I could have a hair party for the whole town with all the stuff I found crammed in those cabinets!

I think tonight I will start on the taxes. As always we are in a financial pickle, and since it takes a full three months to get a refund because of the extra paperwork we have to fill out, sooner would be better than later. Of course, the fact that more than one of the companies I have worked for have asked for my tax info this week (note that “this week” means on or after the date 1099s should have gone out!!!), I am not real confident that I’ll finish up before January 31st, which is my personal yearly goal. Lord, I do hope to one day be in a financial position that doesn’t require me waiting for the federal government to return their yearly stealings to keep my children clothed and housed. Amen.

If I don’t start the taxes tonight, I will work on my room, instead. It looks like the clothing department of the entire mall exploded in there, except that I don’t shop at the mall, except under dire emergency because it costs too much. It’s just that saying the ladies department of Wal-mart doesn’t pack as much of a mental image, yk?.

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