ReDefining Plus Size Lingerie

oooh, that just sounds so risque, doesn’t it? You are just expecting me to pop off with something saucy, aren’t you? Well, no, that’s not gonna happen, at least not in this post, but I was poking around the Bits of Lace website today, and I noticed a couple of things that surprised me. Bits of Lace specializes in fine lingerie, carrying such brands as Marie Jo Bras and Prima Donna. They’ve been in business over thirty years, so they aren’t a fly by night operation, and being based in Charleston, South Carolina, they are practically local. I’m trying to say you can click the links without worrying about your eyeballs catching fire, and I think we all know that this cannot be said for every link labeled lingerie. In fact, I browsed the site throughly to make sure there wasn’t anything too racy there, and each time I thought I had found it, the screen said

This collection is not currently available online. Please feel free to contact us toll free at (800) 842-3990 or at We would be happy to special order any items of interest, subject to availability.

I like that in a lingerie place, because I have looked at dainties in online stores that would make me hide the screen from my own husband. So, I guess lesson number one is: it’s possible to sell lingerie without embarrassing your clientèle.

The next thing I learned is that there is more to plus size lingerie than the silly stuff you find at Wal-Mart or the above mentioned online places. Now, I am all about what goes on in the marital bedroom staying in the marital bedroom. And I like nice underthings. But a bigger woman often needs to be a more discreet woman, if you get my drift. It is often far better for us to leave some stuff up to the imagination. That’s the kind of lingerie I found at Bits of Lace. Lesson number two: there’s way more to sexy than “show more skin”.

I also discovered that I’ve been shopping in the wrong section of the store since my third baby was born. She’s the one that pushed me into a C-cup, and that’s where I’ve been ever since, no matter whether I weighed 130-something or my current 160-ish. I had no idea that plus size started at a C-cup, especially since I consider that a “normal” boob size. Quit laughing, you don’t know my sister and you didn’t know my aunt or Grandmother, either. Unless you are my mom, in which case you are nodding, not laughing. Lesson number three: I need plus size lingerie, no matter what I weigh.

So, anyway. You know that I have changed my eating habits (yes, I know I should write a post on that) and I am losing weight. And you know that dieters sometimes like to buy themselves special treats to mark milestones. I think I might know just the place to go to pick up “a little something” now. I know for sure that the next time a little hot pink box appears in my house, I’ll be gently directing dh to Bits of Lace instead.

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