One of us is insane

yes, it’s true. Someone has lost their everlovin’ mind here, and I don’t know if it’s me or the VirginMobile website. I need to check something on my account, and I can’t get in. And since it will only tell me it can’t log me in when I ask it to email me a password … I don’t know which of us needs to be shot. I have tried a bazillion combinations, and it just hates me. Ok, two, but really, it’s all I can think of.

And which of these 14 secret questions did I pick??????? And, umm, what was the answer?

Yeah, I wrote it down. Somewhere.

2 thoughts on “One of us is insane

  1. I have resorted to using an index card box with index cards for website login info (including the crazy questions if I forget).
    It seems to help me, though if I had a burgler in my home he could get some good info off my cards!!

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