I had a dream this morning, that woke me up with it’s realness and intensity. And it was one of those dreams that you just know means something.

I was at Carowinds with my friend Tommy, if friend is a word you can use to describe someone you have loved forever and maybe love still, but things just didn’t work out the way you both planned for them to. We had been somewhere together and then driven to Carowinds in separate cars. He bought tickets for us to ride The Pinafore, that ride where you get in a gondola shaped thing and go in ever increasing arcs until you finally flip. No, I’ve never been on that ride, nor do I wish to go on that ride, and no you don’t buy tickets for each ride at Carowinds, either.

So, right after he bought the tickets, I asked him if he was dating anyone, and he said, “No, so you can try to kiss me anytime.” Then he smiled that smile, Lord have mercy. And then we had to find a parking place. We were both in a little golf cart thing when he bought the tickets, but he got out to buy them, and I got out to ask him about dating someone, then I left him in the bldg while I went to park. My mother was there, helping me find a parking place by less than honest means (not something she would do), and though it took a long time, and we almost got busted a couple of times, I did find one.

But as I was walking back under the covered area in front of the building where Tommy was, I dropped a coke and the can started spraying everywhere. Apparently, I dropped it from between my legs, because Granny was there, disgusted that I was pregnant and blaming Tommy, and also, my pastor was there and got sprayed by the coke. He had been talking to me there and turned to walk back into the building just as it dropped, and I shouted a warning to him, to watch out for the spray, and I think the shout is what woke me up. Perhaps if dreams came with captioning instead of sound, I could have slept a bit more.

One thought on “Foreboding

  1. Aren’t dreams the wildest things ever? After my son Gus died, I had the strangest dreams. I wrote most of them down and when I read back over them all I can do is laugh…I love when it’s all connected in such a disconnected way! lol! And congrats on the delivery of your new coke! lol!

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