Ha, Ha, Joke’s on Me!

Umm, ya’ll. Valentine’s Day is coming. You know, the ritual day of cut flowers and chocolate. This year, we have a dilemma. The house is in a complete uproar from my “clean sweep” cleaning spree, so there is no real place to put flowers. And I am still counting calories and so PLEASE don’t gift me with chocolate. In fact, if you give me chocolate, I will totally put you in the category of people who do not really love me. Because if you really loved me, you would know how important it is to me to lose this weight, and it would be important to you, too. And, btw, I am 1/4 to my goal, ya’ll! Woohoo, for me, that’s 5 pounds since January 12. (Excuse me a moment, I have to get up and shake my booty. And it may be for the last time, because that will totally disappear in another 5 pounds. Trust me on this.)

17507Ok, I’m back. And I realized I fibbed. The kitchen is done, and I just showed you my dresser. I could totally put flowers up there! I found this bouquet at 1800flowers.com. The thing that makes this bouquet so special is that it’s fair trade certified. What does that mean? Well, it means

Fair Trade Certifiedâ„¢ products directly support a better life for farmers and farm workers in the developing world through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship. Through Fair Trade, small farmer organizations market their own harvests through direct, long-term contracts with international buyers, learn how to manage their businesses and compete in the global marketplace.

And yet, the price is in line with other bouquets! So often, I’ve found companies that use that fair trade designation to jack up the price of the merchandise. (Umm, ya’ll people that do that?? We can tell. And it makes us mad. We don’t stop supporting fair trade merchandise, we just quit buying it from you. Mmmkay? K.)

22790Hehe, counting calories has not changed the fact that I enjoy eating and drinking a bit, so of course I had to poke around the organic gifts to see what they had to tempt my tongue. By-passing the cheese (Omagosh, cheese!!) and chocolate (see above and don’t even think about it!), I found this tea assortment. In case you have forgotten, tea is calorie free! And I do love me some tea. Oh, yes I do. Green tea, fruit tea, good old black pekoe, if it’s tea, it’s for me. And some teas have some pretty awesome health benefits, too, in addition to the great taste.

So, that’s my wish list from 1800flowers. ‘Cause we all know that it’s all about me. You do have my mailing address, right?